Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dressed Up Dividers

This is a cute and easy way to 'dress up' plain dividers. I have done this for my Coupon Binder and want to do it with my Homemaker's Binder soon!

Scrapbook Paper
Plain Dividers {cheap ones from Wal-Mart}
Stick Glue
Hole Punch

1. CHOOSE your pretty scrapbook paper that you want to cover your dividers with.

2.CUT scrapbook paper to fit the size of the divider.
{tip~ cut one and then use it as a format for all others}

3. GLUE the scrapbook paper onto the divider {tip~ glue all around the edges and then make a big 'X' to make sure it's glued down good}

4.HOLE PUNCH bottom of divider so it will fit in your binder {create holes where the original ones where for more accuracey}

5. PLACE in your cute binder and enjoy!

Again, I know this is super easy and simple but I enjoy easy stuff and anything that makes ugly paper look a little bit more appealing!

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  1. Hi! I am a new follower from Friday's blog hops. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. Blessings...
    Saved By Love Creations

  2. So cute! I want to make some of these for work! Everyone will be so jealous of my pretty folders : )

  3. Hi there, new follower from the NFF Blog Hop. I look forward to reading more from you. :) Those are so cute.

    Please come by and visit/follow me too. Thanks so much. Marie

    The Things We Find Inside

  4. I love them. I might have to do this for my work folders....It would make work much more interesting!

  5. What a cute idea! Love a quick & simple project to make life prettier!

  6. Great idea! Much better than the boring beige (:

    ♥ Michele ♥

  7. What a great idea! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Thanks for the tutorial! I love dressing up things like this. :)

    And I love your blog layout, it's awesome!

    Erica (stopping in from the SBCE link party)

  9. I love it! I found you over at the blog hop and I'm your newest follower! Come by Sassy Sites! xoxo

  10. Much better than a plain old manilla folder!

  11. That is awesome! I would love for you to come link up at my Strut Your Stuff party!