Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spa Party

Menu Plan (before Spa begins)

Sausage Cheese Balls
Little Smokies
Sparkling Punch
Hot tea
Pretty Cookies

Menu Plan (during Spa)
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Lots of chocolate candy
Sparkling Grape juice (Red & White are my favs)

Each girl had a partner that they traveled to the stations with.
1.Face- putting face masks on each other
2. Feet- Scrubbing feet, buffering (warm buckets of water, towels etc)
3. Feet- massaging with feet cream
4. Wax- hand wax
5. Nails- paint each others nails

Setting the atmosphere is of number 1 importance for a Spa Party! When it was time for the party I had the girls go in the other room and I turned off the lights and displayed tons of flickering candles. I have a square coffee table so I placed a white sheet on top and put all the stations around the table. During the party the girls munched on the chocolates and sparkling grape juice. To add a special addition to the grape juice I purchased a flower ice-tray at Hobby Lobby. For some more uniqueness I decided to color the ice blue before freezing it. I placed all the ice cubes in a goblet for the girls to get for their juice.

Have you ladies been to a Spa party? Do you have anymore additions because I hope to do this again soon?

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  1. What fun! We had a ladies spa party for the ladies in our church, when the guys were out camping. It was so fun! :)

  2. Seriously so much fun! This is a perfect idea! Thank you for sharing! I'm happy to be your newest follower of you delightful blog! I'd love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Be sure to show off your sweet creations every Friday at my party - Fabulous Friday Finds! Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  3. Wow what a great idea... and how fun! Thanks so much for joining us at A Crfaty Soiree xoxo Malia

  4. Wow. Its a cool idea. I wished even i was a part of it. Spa party are so much fun.