Monday, October 18, 2010

Organizing Toys

One major thing that I often overlook in my home is the 'little' *wink* clutter spots throughout my house. I like to think their not there until I need to find something in the morning before school or when I'm trying to make it to church on time. During those frustrating moments I tell myself that I will get to that clutter spot soon. However, I usually don’t do anything about it (please tell me I’m not the only one).

Week 3 of ‘Making our homes a Haven’ has busted me out about clutter and I finally did something about one needed area.

One clutter issue is in little boy’s room. He has toys that are suppose to be in certain totes and bins but, after playing he forgets which toys go where and the toys end up just being put everywhere. I think I've found a solution that will help him keep everything organized.

I took pictures of little boy with the toys and pictures of the toys in the correct bins and placed them on the bins.

Little guy has lots of dress up clothes (batman costume, fireman etc) so I had him put on some of these clothes and took a picture of him. I put this picture on one side of the bin and on the other side of the bin I put a picture of the top of the bin which showed the dress up clothes.

I took a picture of little guy playing with his instruments and placed it on one side of the bins and placed a picture of the musical instruments in the bin on the other side.

I did this also for his little cars, his stuffed animals and his footballs/bouncy balls.

Something I did to ensure the safety of the pictures was to put them in protective covering. I only had sheet long coverings so I just cut them size.

Hope this helps with the clutter issues in his room… now to conquer the rest!

What do you ladies do to help with the clutter of toys and keeping them organized?

Sorry about the images... I have to cover little guys face right now due to legal issues :/ I wish you could see this little cutie

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  1. Marcie we do this in our classrooms at school. Help him start recognizing words and letters by adding labels with your pictures. For example, In our block area we have a picture of a truck and the word truck both on the shelf where the truck belongs. I may have to try this with X's stuff too...if only I could actually get him to play with toys instead of just following me around all the time!

  2. I have a 2 year-old and a 10 month old. They have a lot of toys (due to lots of grandparents!). I put a least 3/4 of the toys in boxes in the closet, out of reach, and rotate them every couple months.

    It's easier for my 2 year-old to keep his room picked up, and it also encourages him to play with "non-toy" things, and discover rocks and plants and sticks outside.

    This also keeps them from toy burn out. Each time I bring out the packed up toys, it's like they're all new!

    I also noticed that when I put them all in one box, the whole box always got dumped out. So now they are in smaller bins, so usually one a quater of the toys get dumped at a time!

  3. don't get all retentive on separating toys. If mom can't get it quickly organized under the worst case scenario (10 minutes before company, or crabby and sick etc) then its too complicated for the kids to do.
    I have -1 box for blocks & lg legos
    -1 box for vehicles of any sort
    and a -3 drawer organizer for things like plastic animals, tools, and other small toys
    - stuffed animals are in a hamper (makes sure all are washable with no battery parts when the booger monsters and other icks attack!!!)
    - Personal items that they can keep to themselves are in old dresser drawers under their beds
    *Hope that helps for toys!