Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mission Blessings

Know of someone going on a mission trip? Here's a quick and easy idea on how to bless someone who is going on a mission trip. Just a few weeks ago a team from my church went to Canada; two members of the team were youth boys. So, knowing the long trip (two days of driving) I thought I would bless them with some snacks. I purchased a gift bag and put lots of goodies inside, here are some ideas...

Individual bags of chips
Beef jerky
Small sized candy bars
Small journal and pen
Travel size bible
Note saying what things you will be praying for while their gone
Phone calling card (read fine print and make sure it's international compatible)
New CD

You can also decorate the gift bag.... glue a map onto it for decoration or cut out a picture of a globe or the country/state where they will be.

Have you ladies ever given something like this to someone going on a mission trip? What things did you or would you include? Pin It Now!


  1. That's a great idea! I'm sure the team really appreciated it.
    My husband is the youth pastor so I try to keep them stocked on snacks when they go on trips. They haven't gone on a mission trip yet; it's been conferences and training camps. But anyways, I include packs of chips, bottles of water, containers of nuts, candy bars, and chocolate chip cookies. For overnight trips, most of them appreciate something healthier as well, like apples and bananas. Before they leave, we normally have a light meal (jelly biscuits, pizza, etc.) at the church so they won't have to spend as much on fast food on the way.

  2. How does one go about setting up youth mission trips in their own church?