Sunday, October 31, 2010

Menu Plan Monday


Wow... It's already November! I'm going to incorporate more soups this upcoming month as the cool air settles in Kentucky.

Monday- Chili and cornbread
Tuesday- Chicken Pitas with chips and dip
Wednesday- Pot Luck at Church (bringing sugar-free cupcakes and ?)
Thursday- Bean Soup with corn muffins
Friday-Sunday Fall Retreat

Desserts- Sugar-free fondant with fruit (apples, strawberries)
Tuesday night company: Veggies and Dip
Wednesday afternoon: coffee and banana bread

Are you ladies making any soups this week? If you need some ideas for dinner this week check out orgjunkie.
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  1. I love soup!! It's one of my favorite things on a cold winter night.

    New follower from Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!

  2. does lentil soup count? it's so easy!

  3. This is the soup I made last night:

    I add more vegetables than called for (shredded for 'secrecy') & substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream. Tasty & hearty enough to satisfy my husband and boys, none of whom are big vegetable fans.