Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making Your Home a Haven: Week 1

Courtney over at women living well has starting an amazing fall challenge that I want in on. The challenge for several weeks is to make our homes a haven. I find no better time than in the fall when things are starting to slow down and we are able to be in our homes more.

This week’s challenge is to get a candle and put it where you will see it throughout the day. Light it in the morning and each time it catches your eye you are to pray about something specifically pertaining to your family/home etc. I love this idea! I might change my prayer each week. This week when I see the beautiful flicker I'm praying that God would give me wisdom with my children.

I find it so easy to be on my kids about everything and try to make them perfect yes, there is a time to discipline and correct but; I have trouble finding that balance :). Some wisdom I received this past week from my SWI class was with each action of your children decide whether they are just being a kid or if they are being defiant. This has really helped me. I'll be honest though, it's easy to just react to a behavior and not try to see their motives so I pray that the Lord would give me patience and wisdom with each behavior that is presented to me.

I chose to put 'Grateful' on my candle because not only is it the fall which is a season to really reflect on our blessings, but, also I'm so grateful for the children the Lord has brought into my life.

Check out the challenge here if you want to join with me post your comments and let me know. Pin It Now!


  1. Thanks for sharing that. My boys are almost 2 and almost 4 and while there is a lot of defiance, I also have to remember to look for innocent motivations for their actions.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. It is very hard being a parent. I find that prayer is the only way to raise a family. I have a 16 year old daughter and an 8 year old daughter and prayer has helped us/me get through some real doozies!