Monday, October 11, 2010

Making your Home a Haven: Challenge 2

I'm now at challenge number 2 in 'Making your Home a Haven.' You can read about the first challenge here. I usually always have candles going throughout the home so I was afraid that I wouldn't do to well at the first challenge of praying for a specific request each time I saw the candle... but, I remembered. I tried to make the candle taller (on a cake stand) and put some vinyl lettering which made it stand out more. I'm still continuing to pray that I would have wisdom when my children 'act up,' in how to deal with the situation.

Challenge Number 2: Play soft music everyday and focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships.

Soft music I like to play in my home...
1. Andrew Peterson, Counting Stars.
2. Amazing Grace Soundtrack David Arnold
3. Brooke Fraser, Albertine
4. Pandora stations: Michael Buble (if you don't use Pandora in your home... you should its amazing)
5. Fernando Ortega, Storm, Hymns

Although I do play some music in my home I'll admit I did it a lot more when it was just Matt and I. Since the kids have been here it seems I've lost this wonderful addition to our home. I have noticed it does set the mood and shape the tone of the home.

This week the kids are on fall break so I'm really going to try to have some background music going most of the time. Head over to Courtney's blog (where the challenge is going down) and read her full post on this challenge. If anybody wants to join me by playing peaceful music each day this week to help create a peaceful atmosphere... please do... and leave me a comment saying that you’re in! Also, any other music you gals listen to in your home that you would like to suggest, please do!

I'm posting this here...

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  1. I am participating in the challenge too. I love pandora, especially since I don't have a big collection of Christian music.

  2. Theresa, thanks for stopping by :) Glad were in this delightful challenge together.

  3. I'm in on this challenge too. I adore Pandora. Michael Buble radio is one of my favorite stations! Right now I am listening to "Solo Piano Music" on Pandora. And all of my kids magically quit yelling. I love it!