Sunday, October 24, 2010

Making my Home a Haven Wk 4

Week four of 'Making your home a haven' is something I really want to work on. The challenge is to incorporate tender moments in your daily routine with your children and husband. I fear that I fail often time in just letting my hair down and enjoying laughter and fun times with the kids, especially on a daily basis. My husband is much better at this than I am... he is constantly playing and causing the little guys to giggle.

One challenge I’m going to take up is a huge pillow fight. {As suggested} I will bring all the pillows in the house into the living room and call the family in for a huge pillow fight! I want to try and have more fun with my kids. It seems I can have fun at scheduled events with the kids because I've planned for that moment but, on a daily routine when I've got other things planned, it's difficult to let some of those things go and enjoy the kids.

Do you mommies struggle with this as well? How do you find the balance?

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  1. I do struggle, Marcie. This is a tough one for me, too. Especially the pillow fight. But like I wrote, I'll work hard to do it... *gulp*

  2. I was the same way when I had just one little one! I have totally loosened up and made having fun and being silly with the kids part of the daily routine. Every day after school (even though only one is in full time) we 'shake out sillies out' before we have a snack and get started on homework. Sometimes it's running around outside, sometimes it's a board game, or watching a silly video and getting really into it. They don't care what you do, as long as you're laughing like no one is looking. ;) Then at bedtime, the two littlest ones pile on top of me for story reading.

    I'm so glad I saw your blog today, I love it!

  3. I'm so excited about this week's challenge. :) Lovin' the pillow fight idea! Off to make spend some time with the kids !:)

    Have a great week!

  4. May has got a good idea. Schedule time - 15 minutes even - to be silly or tender or warm & cuddly. Write it on the calendar and do not let anything take its place.