Thursday, October 21, 2010

Butterfly Pizza

I made this 'Butterfly Pizza’ for little girl one day. It was a personal size for her but, you could create a larger pizza as well. It was easy to make due to my cricut cake, however, if you don't have a cricut cake then you could still make something similar if you have a design and a sharp knife! Just pick out your design (shapes or big shadowed objects without details are the best) and cut it out.

The key to this cute pizza is making your pizza dough super super thin. It's easy to cut this way and it's the only way it will work with the cricut cake.

For Cricut Tips:

1. Make you dough super thin (as mentioned above)

2. Grease your mat (I always use a food pastry brush)

3. Pick out your design (butterfly design is from Storybook page 49 Shadow)

4. Place dough onto mat and with the rolling pin go over the dough to make it stick.

5. Set your machine:
Pressure: medium
Speed: medium
Size: 5'

6. Cut and unload.

7. After the dough is cut into your beautiful design then carefully place it onto your pizza pan. When you bake your dough don't bake it as long as you normally would because it will get crisp quickly :)


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  1. I've seen shaped cakes, cookies, and sandwiches, but I think that's the first butterfly pizza I've seen. So cute and creative! I bet your girl loved it :)

  2. You have made the finals! Check it out!