Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Backward Dinner

The kids are on fall break and I wanted to do some unique things, so... I had the idea of a 'backward dinner.' The idea is to do everything backward!

The Plans
Backward Clothes:
Tell the kids about the 'Backward Dinner' and tell them they must dress appropriately... all jammies must be put on backward including wearing their horseshoes’ on opposite feet.

(In this order)
1. Cherry ice-cream was eaten first (sugar free from Kroger)
2. Chicken Cordon Blu with Mac-n-Cheese
3. Rolls

Say the prayer last... thanking God for the food we just ate :)

We all set opposite of where we normally sit.

I thought of the hubs and I using the kids plates, cups, utensils and the kids using ours… but, decided against it... However, the kids switched. Little girl got the blue cup, plate, and utensils and little boy got everything pink!

Thoughts on the Backward Dinner:
It was a huge hit for the kids! They were excited all day and even the next day they were asking when we could do it again. As for me... it was a lot more work bringing everything out one at a time but, maybe next time I can have it all out on the table and just dish it out when its time. This will definitely be something we do again!

Have any of you gals had a backward dinner before? Share any other backward ideas you have for dinner so I can include them next time!

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