Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts I'm Standing on

Just wanted to share a few thoughts I've been stepping on lately!

(Caution: They are seemingly random)

1. Greatful to God in how He is working in the challenges with the kids, we have had two really well weeks!

2. Thankful my husband is all well (had infection that I cared for all weekend)

3. Love the fall air in the mornings as I have my time with the Lord.

4. Wondering why my coffee hasn't tasted good this week.

5. Excited to be starting on 'Boys' birthday party decoration (Batman banners, hats etc are about to invade my basement :) )

6. Can't wait until the official 'Fowler Fall Celebration'

7. Excited to start making Chili again.

8. Trying to figure out details for the fall trip with Matt's parents

9. Smiling as I remember waking up 'Little girl' from her nap and telling her that I made her sugar-free brownies and her response (while clapping, "Good Job Mommie, Good Job."

10. Praying for the Fowler (extended family) as they prepare for another addition, a Fowler boy this weekend!

11. Wondering how I can help someone who is in her final days on earth and how to comfort her family.

12. Enjoying my new routine of getting up before the kids and husband to have my time with the Lord.

13. Excited to go to my SWI class at Southern Seminary tonight (class on mentoring).

14. Love hearing the kids answer the 'catechism' we've got Questions 1 & 2 down so far! Even the stuffed animals are getting into this :)

Any thoughts you gals would like to share that have been swimming around you, feel free to comment!

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