Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Learning through Children

Something I've been chewing on lately is something I notice in the kids. They know that they are supposed to go past a certain point in our yard because we live by a busy highway. Even though they know this, do they go beyond the limits anyway? Of course they do. As parents we get to remind them of the rules they already know throughout the entire day.

Sometimes they deliberately go beyond the boundaries... maybe they just want to see what its like in the 'forbidden land' or maybe they have had a bad day and they just don’t care if they get in trouble. Other times they truly forget not to pass a certain point.

Either way it's still my responsibility to tell them to not cross the line... no matter the motives. They don't see the dangers that I am keeping them from. I don't keep them bound to a certain area to be cruel or mean but, out of love.

This got me to thinking... Why do we only take this approach pertaining to the Parent to Child relationship? IS this not what the church should be like?

Let's be honest sometimes we struggle with a certain sin and maybe for a season we are deceived into thinking it's not a big deal or I'll deal with it later. Other times perhaps we just don't see it as sin and we don't see the effect it is having in our relationship with Christ.

I propose that we need in our lives women/husbands who will stand up out of love and confront our sin. Also we need to be the one to confront sins. This is true love, being willing to help someone see the way of their sin and helping them deal with the sin, through accountability, prayer, advice and possible resources.

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  1. Very wise words, thank you for sharing.

  2. So true! We wouldn't want our child out into a busy street or stick their coins in a light socket, but sometimes they and us too like to test the waters. How far can we go? I hope and pray that I can avoid the shallow part of the water of sin. Great post!


  3. Hi Marcie. I am visiting from GMG. So true, we all need friends who are willing to confront us with our sin.

  4. Great thoughts! Satan likes to bring sin into our little by little and then after we continually keep crossing the line he rejoices in the habit he has brought our way. Thanks for the reminder to guard our boundaries.