Thursday, September 2, 2010

CD Review: Andrew Peterson, 'Counting Stars'

"Dancing in the Minefields" The format on my blog is cutting half of the video off you can go here to see it all the way :)

Andrew Peterson was introduced to me back in February at the Adopting for Life conference. Since this time I have fallen in love with his style, wording and his teachings of Christ, displayed throughout each song.

I highly recommend anything by this guy! In his newest released CD 'Counting Stars' he includes acoustic guitar-based melodies with the aid of violins, percussions and banjos. Peterson uses lots of creative metaphors and chooses to use his music to teach biblical truths instead of some of the typical cliché Christian music than can be found most popular today.

In 'Counting Stars' Peterson has a specific song I would like to share, "Dancing in the Minefields." This song depicts a beautiful picture of marriage. He speaks of the difficulty of life and marriage and how our commitment to our spouse is such a strong thing to hold onto.

I especially delight in this line, "We bear the light of the son of man so there’s nothing left to fear, so I'll walk with you in the shadow land until the shadows disappear, cause He promised not to leave us and His promises are true. So in the face of all this chaos, baby I can dance with you, so let's go dancing in the minefields, let’s go sailing in the storm.

I often see women in our culture running so quickly to their ‘women bible studies’ or girlfriends for advice or to help them in their journey of faith, but, my prayer is that our default would be our spouse first. If your spouse is a Christian then they have the responsibility to be the head over your family and we should run quickly to them for godly wisdom and sound advice.

The definition of a minefield is, “an area of land or water throughout which explosive mines have been laid.” ( Ladies, in our journey towards delighting and living for God’s glory we are faced with so many explosive mines but, may we be encouraged that God has given us a spouse that is to walk with us and not only walk but dance with, rejoice in the landmines knowing that God is working them for your good. Lets go dancing in the minefields with our husbands!

(You can sample all of his music on iTunes and may I now recommend iTunes. I can't tell you the last time I've purchased a CD at the store, they cost around $15 and you can have it for $10 instantly!) Pin It Now!

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