Friday, August 13, 2010

Organizing Tip

Here's a small tip that helps me sort the laundry.
I made these simple little signs and placed them in protective coverings and tacked them in the closets of the little ones.

Right now I have the labels, "Brights" "Whites" and "Browns and Blacks"
I'm throwing around the idea of changing them to "Play clothes" "Pajamas and Undies" and "Dress clothes."

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  1. I have a sorter just like this with the three pockets in my closet! I love it! I don't have little signs like that though - so cute! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Much Love,

  2. That's a great idea... sorting is so time-consuming!

  3. I have started doing ours in rounds of "hang-ups", towels/gym clothes/jeans (stuff that has to be washed in hot water, heavy cycle), gentles and "everything else" - It makes it so much easier to keep it all straight. Great ideas with the signs though! I'll have to find a way to set that up for even my non-readers!