Friday, July 9, 2010

NWT, Canada

Wow! Where to begin...? Canada was not what I expected. I expected to visit lots of churches to encourage the pastors/wives of pastors but, I found this was impossible to do. Why? Because, no pastors or established churches in the Northwest Territory existed! We did meet one married couple who have been faithfully serving in a church for 17 years in the midst of a very difficult village. Otherwise, we went to so many villages with no evangelical presence.

My heart went out to all of the people in the NWT who have no chance of hearing the Gospel. The villages consisted of First Nation People (those who are natives to the land... equivalent to Native Americans in the U.S.). They are very leery of white people or any outsiders which makes ministering "short-term" extremely difficult. In order to reach the 1st people of the NWT long term efforts must be a goal.

We were able to visit a few "bigger cities" equivalent to our "small towns" where their might be a few believers who are holding bible studies in the church but, who are in great need of discipleship and established eldership.

The needs here also include short-term mission trips to host vacation bible school and share the Gospel with the children. A focus in the village is to reach the Gospel with the children. The couple I mentioned who have been ministering for 17 years in a village have watched the fruits of their labors with children. The little ones they have been teaching since they have arrived are now in their 20's and they are seeing the Lord truly use them. However, it’s difficult to perform vacation bible school with only a handful of people.

If anyone is interested in taking a short-term mission trip to work in a village in the NWT to further the Gospel or interested in how you can be up-to-date on prayer needs, financial needs or if you felt led to work long-term with the 1st nation people of Canada please shoot me a comment!

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  1. I am very interested! I feel called to international missions (hence the trip to honduras at the end of the month) but soemtimes I don't know where to begin. Having some friends who are canadian who don't know the gospel makes me feel even more inclined to get involved! Please let me in on any future trips. Perhaps we can coordinate something with my church over fall/spring break even.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Marcie! I have never heard of this situation before, and it's very sad, but I'm glad you were able to make some contacts. Looking forward to reading more about it.