Monday, July 12, 2010

Beyond Effect

Today is officially day 1 of camp. Something I was really challenged with last night was the 'Beyond Effect.' Jonathan Creek camp started this campaign last year to encourage youth aged Christians to seek out something they can do to raise money for a specific cause.

In a nutshell the 'beyond effect' is:


PASSION: The youth have been encouraged to think of all the passions they have: sports, dance, music, drama, cooking etc.

BURDEN: Next they were challenged to think of burdens they have: orphans, hurricane victims, homeless people etc.

IDEA: Pray about which specific passion they can take and link with a burden they have. Give birth to the idea and display Christ in that passion.

One story we have already heard of is a girl who enjoys making quilts and who had a burden for Zambian orphans. After she was challenged at camp she went back to her church and held a ‘quilt making fellowship’ at her church. She had over 70 people show up to make quilts. After making the quilts they sent them to an orphanage in Zambia who didn’t have any blankets for the children. You can watch the video of
this girl here.

Even though this was a challenge set before the youth I have definitely taken up the challenge and I'm prayerfully considering what passions and burdens the Lord would have be pair up for His glory.

What passions and burdens do you have? Pray and ask the Lord what you could do to make much of Him!
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  1. What a great guide! Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Thanks for the idea. I need to start praying for my assignment.