Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodbye (for just a few weeks)

As I explained on the last post I will be out of the country for around nine days. After returning we will be departing again for church camp a few days later. Then, when we return from camp we will be moving! Due to this I will not be able to blog that much in the next few weeks. So, I wanted to share several links with you gals to check out instead of reading my blog for the next few weeks.
This is the ministry of John Piper; preacher and author. The Lord has used this man to challenge me so much in my Christian walk with his intense focus on the Bible and God's Sovereignty.
Justin Taylor's blog is such a well rounded blog. The name sums up the topics: Between Two Worlds: faith, books and culture.
Country is a SAHM with two children. She uses her blog to minister to ladies from a biblical perspective.
This blog highlights two stay-at-home moms on a quest to make their homes happier by "setting routines, cooking simple meals, decorating on a budget and taming the craziness that often comes with being domestic."
This beautiful lady blogs on several issues. The thing I love most about this blog is that there is a beautiful thread of making much of Christ in nearly ever post. She has a wonderful series on Homemaking. Up to date she has three parts, check them out!
This blogger is a wonderful friend of mine! Things you will find on her blog are: insightful and challenging devotions, what's going on with her and her journey with adoption and reminders about the cause of missions. She and her husband are currently taking care of a foster child and she also writes about journey and lessons learned.
This is such a unique blog. The “mamas” which blog make tons of things from everyday items around the house. Check them out for making unique things such as soap and face scrubs to decorations.
This lovely lady is a Christian with a beautiful testimony of the Lord's grace. I enjoy reading her blog because she gives such practical advice from a God-centered perspective. (She is moving and will not be blogging for a while but you can read all the things she has already written)
This is a new website which I am so excited about! The objective of this site is to teach and prepare daughters in the art of homemaking.
This blog is also written by a dear friend of mine. Jessica opens up her home by sharing recipes and opens up her heart by sharing devotions and things that the Lord is teaching her. Jessica is currently stationed overseas with her husband so she has insightful reminders on what a sacrifice it is to serve our country. You can also read about her recent adoption story, her struggles during the waiting time and the joys of the final day when they brought their little one home.

Hope all of these blogs will encourage you while I’m away from my computer! Pin It Now!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these, and I appreciate your kind link. I hope you have a wonderful and fruitful trip. Blessings!