Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting the Passports Ready!

My dearest husband and I will be dusting off the passports and heading out of the states early Monday morning. Destination: Northwest Territory, Canada! We have been planning this trip for sometime now and are so excited that it's finally here. Our focus is mainly on encouraging the Canadian believers and putting on a day vacation bible school.

Until recently I didn't see much of a need to go to Canada on a mission trip... my thoughts were that they were just like us with churches around every corner. Don't get me wrong, I do think we need to take mission trips in the states, my husband and I are preparing for an in-state mission trip set for August, but when I think of overseas I don't normally think of Canada.

The Lord began opening our eyes to Canada through several instances within a few weeks and we felt let to pursue a trip there this summer. A retired man in our church travels to Canada several times a year to do mission work so we told him we were interested in tagging along if he went this summer and well the rest is history!

One of the greatest needs in Canada is more churches. There are several places in the Northwest Territory were there is no known church gathering or a small group of believers meeting with no pastor. The Christians in the Northwest Territory are few and they often get discouraged due to the fact that they are alone in their Christian faith. Due to this saddening reality we are traveling around to visit with several Christian families in hopes of encouraging them. It's been my prayer that the Lord would give my husband and me wisdom about how to encourage and that He would use us to help them see Christ even more.

Please pray for the three of us as we head out early Monday morning.
We will be leaving June 28th and returning July 7th.

Pray for our traveling (we will be traveling a lot, we are staying somewhere
different almost every night)

Pray for the VBS (that the Lord would open the eyes of these children and allow them
to see Him)

Pray for the Christians (that the Lord would use us to encourage and edify them)

Pray for the unbelievers (that the Lord would go before us and open their hearts and
that we would have boldness to proclaim the Gospel). Pin It Now!

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